Japanese Class

Taught by: Noriko H. Roberts
Phone: 503-431-5562
Contact at: nroberts@ttsd.k12.or.us

Japanese has made a significant difference in the lives of the students at Tigard High School. When the class was originally introduced to Tigard HS, very few students knew much about the Japanese culture. Noriko-sensei even recalls when students didn't know what "sushi" was. However, now, about a decade later, students have begun to appreciate the Japanese language and culture with a new light.

Unlike the American culture, the Japanese people stress highly on respect and the way we address one another. For example, the titles the Japanese place with a name, "-san, -sama, -chan...etc." As we slowly adapt and widen our horizons about the world's culture, Japanese is gradually making its own impact at Tigard High and students greatly appreciate it.

With the new commercialized products and emphasis of on items such as "Anime," people are beginning to realize what importance the Japanese culture is taking in each one of our lives. Hopefully with more education, students at Tigard HS can allow themselves enough leeway to venture into another country and use the product of their efforts.

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